Effective Parenting – Preparation Stage

PregnancyHow to Prepare for Parenthood

One of my friends Cindy once asked my wife, “Julia, I have been married to Joe for two years now. We love each other and really enjoy our time together. I am thinking of having a child but Joe was worried that the child will take away our time together. I am now having second thought about that too. Can I cope with a baby? But I really love to have a baby of our own.”

Yes. I believe this is a common issue facing couples today. Parenthood is a big responsibility and it is going to change your life completely. If you decide to have a baby, it brings together enormous responsibility and major adaptation in your daily life-style. Of course with these changes, you will also experience joy which no other experience can bring.

Like Cindy and Joe, it is not surprising that you might begin to feel anxious as you imagine the heavy responsibility come upon your shoulder. This is perfectly normal and you should expect that to happen when your baby’s arrival date draws near.

You may want to follow these tips to prepare yourself for the challenges that await you when you become a parent:


Communication is the first step. Parenting is a team effort. You cannot go single handedly. If you’re in a relationship and are considering having a child, you should start talking to your partner openly. If your spouse isn’t ready, then it is always good to put it off for the time being. If you insist in going ahead while your spouse is completely not prepared for parenthood, it will surely bring much challenge to your lives together.

AbundantLifeTogetherDo Research

Many books have been written that go into great detail on how you can prepare yourself for the upcoming life change. These books can provide a great education that shortens the learning curve and helps you benefit from the experiences of others who’ve been there.

  • Books can also prepare you for the common pitfalls new parents face and even give you ideas of things to try that you haven’t thought of. You can make decisions based on a wealth of experience, even if you’re brand-new to parenting, through the education that books provide.
  • You can also find a plethora of pertinent information on the Internet. Visit informational websites, blogs of new parents, and parenting forums.
Take a “responsibility” experiment

You need some experiences in taking care of a living creature.

Adopting AbundantLifeTogetherand care for a pet – This is an excellent way to experiment some form of responsibility without having the exact pressure of having a child. Furthermore, when you start taking care of pet, you actually learn to nurture a relationship and experience the joy of learning of this little pet by providing for its happiness and health. Researchers reveal that pets can simulate some of the responsibilities of being a parent. Some of the similar responsibilities include paying attention to the pet, feeding it, awakened by it in the middle of the night for no good reasons. Pets can have fluctuating moods that drive you up the wall sometimes. If you want to have some free information regarding Golden retriever, just click here.

Take a “physical” experiment

EggsCarry around a bag of powder or an egg. A common preparation exercise is to try carrying around a bag of powder or an egg for helping people understand the time investment and attention required in having a child. Take an inanimate object and treat it like you would a child: getting up to feed it, taking it around with you all day, and making sure nothing bad happens to it.

Have a “trial” run Child's Bicycle

One of the best ways to find out if you’re ready for children is to use the real thing as a test. Try babysitting the child of a neighbor or friend. While babysitting and raising children are quite different, the experience of babysitting will give you a taste of what’s to come when you have a child. Babysitting other kids is the closest simulation to parenting that you’ll find.

Father + BabyBringing a baby into the world can be one of the greatest joys you’ll ever experience. But it’s important to ensure that you’re ready. Julia advised Cindy that she prepares herself as much as possible and communicate with her husband Joe throughout the process. When it is time for Cindy and Joe to make that big decision, they may still feel anxious as the “big day” approaches, but they can ease these nervous feelings with thorough preparation.

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