How to Stay Fit Without Exercise Equipment

Health is Wealth? Yes, almost. Health is wealth

Everyone wants to enjoy good health and stay fit all the time. We know that our health is of utmost importance in our life. Without it, life can be miserable and depressing.  As what people commonly said, “No amount of money can buy health”. Daily exercise can surely reduce the risk of illnesses while significantly increase your energy level.

No Excuse For Not ExercisingExercise Equipment

“But I am so busy. I have no time to really go for good workout on a regular basis.” Yes. I hear you. It is a common challenge for people today living in fast track to really fit a workout into the busy schedule. I can imagine how exhausted and tired you are after a full day of hard work. The last thing comes into your mind is to head towards a gym room and workout. Probably you would rather rush home and sink yourself into the comfortable bed and call it a day.
Thank goodness. There are many alternative ways to stay fit other than joining a gym membership or fixing the expensive and cumbersome exercise equipment at home. If you cultivate a healthy lifestyle and pay a bit more attention to your daily routine, you can get all the valuable heart pumping exercise almost anywhere you like.
How? Try these 5 easy and practical steps to stay fit around your home or workplace:

walking1)  Take a walk.

You may not realize it, walking is actually one of the most accessible and effective form of exercise. When we need to walk, we will quite naturally choose the shortest routes to the destination to preserve energy. If you are mindful of exercising your body and stay fit, you need to be intentional to add more steps into your daily routine walk by taking a bigger round the office block during lunchtime or walking up the stairs instead of using the elevator. One excellent part about walking is that you can do it naturally without any equipment. Even if you are already a regular gym visitor, walking can also add to your exercise to get a leaner body.

You may think walking is such monotonous exercise. Unlike gym exercises, the equipment tells exactly how much calories you’ve got rid of, that alone is a great motivation to continue. Well, you can consider buying a pedometer that counts your steps. Wear it all day and at the end of the day, write down the total number of steps you’ve taken. To make it a challenge and motivating, you set a daily goal of steps and slowly increase that number each week. You’ll start forming the habit of walking more steps into your daily routine and achieving better health.

Breathe2)   Practice breathing exercises.

How am I doing it?

First, you close your eyes (if you’re not driving, of course). Inhale gradually through your nose => Exhale slowly through your mouth => Pause => Repeat these steps a few times. To check whether you’re doing it correctly, use your hand to cover the belly button and you will feel your hand rise and fall with a regular rhythm.

  • When go through the daily routine, you try to focus on your breathing as often as possible. You will achieve good physical and mental health by learning to relax and slow down your breathing. Focusing on your breathing is one effective method to de-stress under pressured environment. You are able to handle life challenges more easily without stress.
  • The beautiful part of breathing exercise is that you can practice it anywhere. When you’re stuck at a traffic jam, instead of keep reading your watch and get frustrated, you can learn to breathe slowly and relax. In between activities over the day, you take a breathing break. When you are pressurised and frustrated, take a few seconds to breathe deeply, your emotion is calm down, you’ll be surprised to find creative solutions for your issues sooner than you thought.
3)   Drink water and eat nutritious foods.water

Water is an important source for our body to function effectively. When we drink much water and our body is well hydrated, your whole being including physical and emotional parts of you can perform at their peak. Food is the source of your energy as much as fuel to your car. Good quality petrol can add miles and energies in our travelling distance. In the same way, nutritious and high energy food is essential for keeping our body fit and maintain at its best form.

Fruits4)   Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Change your diet habit by filling your dinner plate with plenty of fresh vegetables, but just a small quantity of meat and carbohydrates. When you feel hungry, take fruits as an energy-producing alternative to candy bars or other sugary snacks. I eat an apple just before I go for lunch. This will make me feel less hungry and therefore eat less.

5)   Daily Exercise for at least 10 minutesExercise2

Do not give yourself excuses of not exercising when you don’t have expensive equipment or gym membership. You don’t need them. You can exercise anywhere.

Besides the milder form of exercise (like walking and breathing exercises), you can always try push-ups, skipping rope, stretches, and crunches. Don’t be over ambitious. Start with 10 minutes a day and then slowly increasing it to 15 minutes, 20 minutes………., you’ll notice you actually look and feel so much better.

Resting6)   Get plenty of rest.

Modern life style does not encourage early nights. Before you want to leave, yourfriend will surely pull you back, “come on, the night is still young. Let’s go………” Although different people may need different amount of rest, it is absolutely crucial that you have sufficient rest everyday. You may need to reject your friend’s invitation or the temptation of having fun till early in the morning before retired in bed. Make it your priority to get enough sleep so that your body can regain the necessary energy for the next day. If you feel groggy every morning, it is high time that you should consider going to bed earlier. It may be useful too if your job allows you to have a short 15 to 30 minute power nap during the afternoon.

ActionAchieve Health is to take Action now

Do not give excuses anymore. Expensive exercise equipment should not be the reason for you not to stay fit and healthy. When you start putting these practical tips into action, starting today, you’ll surely live your life with much vitality and confidence. Decide and take action now! This is the only sure path to a more fit, healthy and attractive you.


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