6 Ways to get rid of procrastination


Say “No” to procrastination

A week ago, my colleague Gary was in great distress. “I was supposed to enroll in the part-time MBA course at XXX University College a year ago. But I didn’t. I don’t know why I didn’t. Time just flew away without me realizing it. My girl friend is angry with me. She looks at me as though I am such a laid back person, without any ambition to achieve anything in life.” He said.

Do you have similar experiences? I am sure you do. Why? You probably know very well that you need to make certain decision and take some actions to achieve greater success in life. For some strange reasons, you didn’t move at all. You have been telling yourself, “No problem. I can always do it tomorrow.” The problem is that “tomorrow” never comes.

Yes. The name of the game is procrastination. What is procrastination? It is simply a habit of putting off until later what you can quickly handle it now. Procrastination kills your productivity and it destroys your chances of success by delaying decisions and actions.

One of sure consequences of procrastination is increasing stress and frustration. Why?Stress The tasks you are supposed to do will never disappear automatically, they need to be completed. By delaying today’s tasks would simply mean you are adding more tasks to the tomorrow’s tasks. Day after day, very quickly you realize the molehills of your life become mountains. The more you look at these many piles of tasks, the more stress and discouraged you become.

The only way to solve the problem of procrastination is to make the decisions and take actions on a consistent basis. Once you are controlling these tasks, you will feel more decisive and confident. Naturally you’ll move through your schedules and projects efficiently and effectively. The end result is a happier and motivated person that you are ready to live a life of abundant joy and peace.

Procrastination needs to be banished so that you can go on in life. I am sharing with you the following practical tips to overcome procrastination so that you move in the direction of success:

Clock1)  Employ the one-minute rule.

When you are going through your daily routine, you will come across different things need to be done all the time. It is always a good practice to write these tasks down (before you forget them). Make an assessment by asking yourself this question: “Can I complete this task in less than one minute?” If the answer is affirmative, why not just do it now and get it over? By taking this simple step alone, you will feel very much motivated and productive. Yeah! I have completed 5 easy tasks today, these 5 are out of the way!

2)  Get rid of clutter.Clutter

The psychological effect of a clutter environment is surprisingly great onyour decision to take actions. A cluttered space encourages procrastination. On the other hand, when you are sitting in a clutter-free office, it naturally causes you to action. Do not underestimate this big psychological effect. How do I ensure a clutter free environment at all times?

First, you have to commit spending 10 minutes a day to tidy up your home or office. What do you do in the 10 minutes? You throw away as many papers and things you don’t need as you possibly can. You may think this is merely waste of time, it robs the already limited time you have. You imagine how much you can do in the 10 minutes and convince yourself that this just will not work. Those of you work in manufacturing plants, you probably are familiar with the famous 5S Housekeeping System. It propagates the practice of tidy up the workplace everyday for improved productivity. Things that clutter your space are robbing you of your peace; they are draining your mental energy without you knowing it. Reclaim that peace by reclaiming your space.

Organizer3)  Seek the help of a professional organizer.

One of the reasons for procrastination may be your lack of organization. You can quickly regain control of your daily schedule by having a professional organizer. These organizers can wither be in the traditional diary format or special programs installed into high tech computers or mobile phones. Arm with a professional organizer is the fastest way to turn a life of chaos into complete order.

4)  Discover why you’re procrastinating.Reasons

The wisdom of knowing the reasons always apply in both academic and life situations. Know the undermined reason for your indecision is the first step to victory. Whatever form of procrastination is simply a delayed decision. Why are you delaying making the decision and taking the action? Are you finding more information to make a better decision? Are you having fear that you are trying to avoid some consequences? Do you simply dislike the tasks? Once you find out what are your hindrances, you know how to get past it and get to work.

Small Pieces5)  Break it down.

When we receive a project or big job, it can appear to be too over burdened. However, when you examine it carefully, all big jobs can be broken down into smaller, bite-sized pieces. Make it a point to list down the steps for your project. Make each step something that can be accomplished in a single short session of work. When you focus on one small task at a time, you will not feel overwhelmed by the big one chunk. Completing a small step at a time will motivate you to move forward without suffering from stress and frustration that paralyze you to stay in the stage of indecision.

6)  Reward yourself.Enjoy

Let’s face it. Not all the tasks to be completed are pleasant. Some tasks are just boring and you don’t see any good at doing it now. If you assess the situation and know for sure that this piece of work has to be completed no matter what, then you should be prepared reward yourself something enjoyable for completing that task. The reward needs not be very expensive one. It can take the form of a warm bubble bath, watch a movie, indulge yourself in your favorite hobby etc. The psychological effect of completing the task is great because you have something you are looking forward to enjoy when you complete the task.

Using these simple tools, you can start experience victory over procrastination. You may have the feelings of hesitation, but don’t let these feelings stop you from achieving success in life. I encourage you to put these tips into practice and gain control over your schedule, thereby experiencing higher motivation and contentment.

Free From Procrastination!

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