How to avoid chronic diseases

Healthy LifestyleGo away! Diabetics, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases!

Recently my wife Julia told me of a friend who suffers from high cholesterol and she is required to take medication at an age of 25. I am just thinking what has gone wrong in this generation. Chronic diseases like diabetics, high cholesterol and high blood pressure used to befriend with older people. It is not true anymore. Young men and women started having these diseases as early as their teenager stage.

No one can deny that people in this modern society are forming bad eating habits that could become a time bomb in our body. The daily television programs and newscasts are talking about American’s bad eating habits. The unfortunate fact is not many people are doing anything about it. There seems to be a gap between our knowledge and action, awareness does not translate into motivation to do something. Sad, isn’t it?

What are some of the bad eating habits we have these days? I find the following 5 habits are commonly found in modern men and women, especially urban dwellers. Let us take special note and try avoiding them.

1) Eating junk food in large quantities

It may look “fashionable” when we watch movie stars eating buckets of fried chicken or indulging in a full carton of ice-cream or bags full of burgers and French fries.Junk Food But this kind of eating habit is one of the reasons for destroying your health. Junk food has low nutrition value and higher than needed calories, it is the number one culprit that destroys your diet plan and consistently “helps” you put on weights.

2) Eating Processed Food

Processed foodModern and busy people love convenience. We are naturally attracted to buying processed food from supermarkets to feed ourselves and our family. Sometimes, processed food is an inexpensive alternative to the fresh and wholesome foods. Most of the time, we fail to stop and think how these processed foods are harming our family’s health. Doctors are beginning to advice us not to use processed food because of its low nutritional value and the chemical content in them. It is quite scary to think that we are eating so much chemicals which we do not even know what they are and how they could adversely affecting our health. Along with this eating habit, we also consume too much sugar. It is not uncommon that we eat processed foods together with sweetened soft drinks, candy and baked disserts that are laden with sugar. This habit not only harming our body’s health slowly, it also adds much unwanted weights to your body.

3) Lack of Vegetables Vegetables

Modern diets tend to suffer from vegetable deficiency. Do you have problem putting vegetables into your children’s dinner plates? When our body is so accustomed to junk food, processed foods and tasty foods, we will not like to eat vegetables which are relatively bare and tasteless. Many young children have to be coerced or cajoled into eating vegetables. Medical researches have confirmed that vegetables are full of vital nutrients that make you strong. Consciously adding more vegetables into your family’s diet is the first step to achieving better health.

4) Breakfast Rush

Breakfast rushModern people are busy people. We tend to have late nights and wake up late the next day. There isn’t enough time to sit down and enjoy a healthy breakfast.

For some of us who are rushing to work in the morning, it is always tempting for us skip breakfast altogether. This practice is slowly but surely ruining your health. When you wake up in the morning, your body requires some nutrition food to get your body engine and metabolism going. A healthy breakfast will provide just that.

For those of you who are rushing but still could afford a few minutes to spare, you may just decide to pull into a drive-thru to get a biscuit and coffee. Do you know how much excess fat you are consuming by eating fast food breakfasts? Not once, twice it may be as many as five times a week. Furthermore, you probably are imitating Hollywood stars who could do his or her eating and driving at the same time. Well, it is just not a good practice and it can create unnecessary accidents.

5) Late DinnerDinner

Unfortunately working late and swift work may be part of your job requirement. We therefore form the habit of eating late dinners. Some of us are guilty of that not so much of the work requirement, but we have too much munches and tidbits at odd hours. The bad news is when you eat too much right before you go to bed, you aren’t able to work that food off and it can cause discomfort and subsequently weight gain.

As I have mentioned before, being awareness of our bad eating habits does not help to improve your family’s health condition. It is taking pro-active action to ratify the habits that will see sustained results. I am sure you do not want to be like the family next door, continue the bad eating habits and slowly discovering diabetics, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart problem encroaching into the family members’ lives. By then, your regrets will not undo the many years of ignoring good eating habits. You will then live with medication to fight all these health conditions.

So friends, start to take action now, forming good eating habits that bring your family to the road of health and happiness.

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