Make Time For Self Improvement

LearningWeekend Reflection:

Do not stop Learning and Improving

The saddest thing in life is that we find ourselves not learning and growing anymore. A Chinese proverb says, “Learning is like rowing a boat against the tide; if you are not advancing, you are actually retreating.” How true!

Self-improvement is a continuous journey for me.

As I discover new qualities about myself, I desire to be the best that I can. Self-improvement is about doing everything I can to become a better person.

Becoming a better person happens only when I consciously work at it. I learn from my experiences and from the wisdom of others with similar experiences. By reflecting on the past, I can positively affect my future.

I am humble enough to reflect objectively on areas that I need to improve.Ego

Instead of becoming defensive or self-righteous, I humbly examine my life and identify areas where I can better myself.

My self-reflection journey is free from the negative effects of self-condemnation. Instead of looking for things to criticize, I look for areas to improve. I am patient with myself when progress seems slow.

When I see an area that I want to change, I quickly make a plan of action to prevent myself from being consumed with negativity. Patience is an integral part of the process. Recognizing there may be setbacks helps me to be patient with myself.

CompareI refrain from comparing myself to others when I reflect.

Instead of trying to be somebody else, I focus only on being a better me.

My Creator has already equipped me with talents, abilities, and gifts, which I can develop. Whatever talent I think I already have, I study it, read about it, and practice it so I may become proficient at it.

Today, I choose to objectively reflect upon myself and design a plan for self-improvement. I enlist the help of trustworthy friends to help me on my journey.


 Self-Reflection Questions:
  1. Am I careful to keep self-reflection different from criticism?
  2. Who can help me objectively reflect?
  3. What areas of my life do I want to improve?

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