Reasons to travel

I love traveling!

TurkeyA simple shot in a Turkish cave

A great holiday does not start when I get on the plane. It begins with a sudden instinct of craving for seeing a place, it then moves into the stage of collecting information and learning about the destination, it naturally means surveying around for the best deal in town, preparing suitable clothing for the seasons and occasions, sharing it with loved ones in the family and circle of friends………..You are right. A great holiday to me is not so much about a destination but it is a process. Of course, the joy of seeing the actual place where I read about in books, internet and photographs is unspeakable. The “wow” factor that I finally see this with my eyes, touch it with my hands or taste it with my tongue is just amazingly satisfying.” How about you?

The major obstacle for traveling is the cost factor. The satisfaction derived from traveling and learning different cultures and history of a foreign land is the reason for thousands or millions in this world saving up to make the trip. Friends, cost is an important consideration, but I think it’s more so about priorities.

If you don’t find a reason to travel, may be this video can give you some “excuses” to do so. 🙂

Happy viewing!

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