Husband and Wife

A Joke on husband and wife. This is a great one!


It makes me laugh………….and then it makes me sad.

The world has lost the meaning of marriage; many couples are merely tolerating each other, some are substituting other things like wine, golf, cars, jewelery or friends for the spouse………

The Bible says marriage is a union of two lives. “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” Genesis 2:24. With two very different people coming together, conflicts become inevitable. If husband and wife do not learn the skills of resolving conflicts, it would come to a time when they either separate and walk their different paths or continue stay together but minds are hundred of miles apart.

Why Divorce?

divorceDr. Gottman’s research found out that there are two high risk periods when married couples divorce:

  • Average 5.2 years after marriage – couples don’t know how to resolve conflicts together
  • Average 16.4 years after marriage – couples have lost their intimacy and friendship with each other

His research did not include (it’s not the research’s objective) couples who continue in their marriage but no longer loving and caring for each other.

Julia and I like to look around when we go to a restaurant for meals. We can immediately notice whether a couple is courting or already married.

  • Courting couples would have attention on each other and they have endless conversations together.
  • Married couples would be doing their separate things like reading newspaper, playing games with their iPad or having unusually long conversation with someone else on the mobile.

Of course, I don’t think we are right all the time. There are very loving married couples who make it an effort to communicate with each other over meal times.

Let’s Honor Marriage Together

Friends, let us honor marriage.

I have no comprehensive solution but just something which might be helpful to improve or enhance our marriage relationship:

  • Set aside some time to allow two of you to be alone (without children and others’ interruptions) at least once a fortnight.couple meal together
  • When you are together:
    • Focus on each other (not your children, in-laws and friends)
    • Verbalize your appreciation of your spouse (things he or she has said or done)
    • Verbalize your feelings in a gentle way (not pointing fingers)
    • Be patient with each other (not rushing things through as a routine chore)
    • Don’t bring your ipad or anything which will take away your attention from your spouse
    • Don’t engage long phone conversations with someone else
    • Don’t turn it into a “problem-solving” session

I could only pray and wish that all of us know how to treasure our spouses and live an abundant married life together as God intended – you would notice that this is the name of my blog đŸ™‚

I love this quote, it’s so true.

successful marriage

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