Be Creative In Travel Photography

TravelTraveling is my hobby

I love traveling.

Travel around the world, learning about different cultures, enjoying the beautiful scenic places, seeing the majestic creation of God – that is what I would like to do when I am much older and I am free from financial obligations to my children.

Invariably I will bring my camera along when I travel. Taking pictures I have no problem but taking great photos is really not something that I dare to dream about.. Those of you who know me well, you know me as a person of order and discipline. Creativity is far removed from my traits.

A Great Photography Workshop

In this year’s church family camp, I attended a short photography sharing workshop in Chinese conducted by Brother Richard Chai.Camera shooting

Instead of giving us a lot of theories and principles, he was very focused and he taught only one thing: photo composition.

He shared with us many photos he took in his holiday trips with his lovely wife Karen. Each photo, he made comments on its composition.

After about an hour of briefing, he asked us to take our cameras and went into the “filed” to take pictures near the camp site. We went out enthusiastically and busy pressing the camera shutter everywhere we went.

We came baLights & compositionck to the room with many pictures. Each of us selected about 10 photos and he commented them individually.

I learned a lot in those 2 hours, much more than all the photography books and magazines I read.

Thank you. Brother Richard and Sister Karen for a great job done.

Richard & KarenRichard & Karen

Finding What To Take….

One of the things I find it hard to take great photographs in my holiday trips is my inability to decide what are the worthwhile objects to take.  I came across the following video which is educational to me. With a simple hotel scene, she could “see” so many interesting shots; from far and near, from top and bottom…….. If you are interested in photography, this may be of interests to you.

Happy viewing!

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