Life is like coffee

What do you value the most in life?

I received this inspirational video from Pastor Inky – and I like it!

It spells of wisdom from the professor and it highlights the main issues facing us today:

We chase after the unimportant things and forget about what is the most valuable.

What is valuable can be very different to different people. To me a simple test is this:

What money can buy cannot be most valuable;

I am looking for things which matter most in life – relationships.

Relationship with the Creator God,

Relationship with my elderly parents

Relationships with my nuclear family

Relationships with my extended family

Relationships with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ

Relationships with my colleagues

Relationships with my neighbours

Even…….relationships with the strangers, the unnoticed, the underprivileged, the defenceless…..

They are important to us as humans – because God made us to be relational.

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