About Me

HenryJulia2I am a Christian. There are things which I enjoy doing in life.

I love chatting and hanging around with friends. I organize karaoke time regularly with friends and we just sing our hearts out. Nobody cares how good or bad your voices are, we can always dream to be Elvis or 歌神张学友.

I love my family very much and so family time is important to me. Weekends are special because they are times to have good dinners with my parents. They are already at their 70s to 80s. I want to spend time with them while they are still around. Spare myself  from regrets in future years when they emigrate to glory (树欲静而风不止, 子欲养而亲不在).

I also enjoy having special time with my wife and children once a week – which I call it “Family time”. It’s a casual supper time when we visit hawker center at night. We chat and laugh, at the same time we update each other our weekly highlights in our work, spiritual walk with the Lord and we clear any misunderstanding among us too. Keep a short record of wrongs and offenses always helps in family relationships.

Born with a baby face and a joyful spirit, so most people cannot guess my age correctly.

Strive to be a responsible person in the different roles I play, a father, a son, a brother, a Christian, a worker and a friend. Choose not to be troubled with things cannot be changed; choose to work hard on things that can still be changed. 

Passionate on traveling. Plan to travel the world and experience various cultures and scenery.

Being a Chinese educated person, I tend to read Chinese books, enjoy Chinese songs and movies in my free time.

I knew the Lord Jesus when I was studying in a University in England. I began to read bible and Christian literature in English.Well, you are right to say that most of my spiritual journey and growth has been in English language.

Just a little introduction about me. You can get to know me more through this blog. As you might have already noticed, “Abundant life together” is my desire for all families on earth. I do not claim to know many things> My family is not any better than yours too. However, it is my desire to share with you my thoughts, valuable experiences including happy, disappointing and struggling moments in our family lives – so that you can avoid walking in the wrong paths while sharing your lives with your beloved family.

May God bless all of you and your family.

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