Chinese New Year

Chinese new year (CNY) is always a great time of reunion.

CNY 2015 Reunion Dinner
CNY 2015 Reunion Dinner

Many of us may be working far away from home town, busy schedule prevents us to visit our parents and relatives often. CNY is one of those beautiful moments you can share with them.

2nd Day of CNY at Concorde Hotel

2nd Day of CNY at Concorde Hotel

I heard young people telling me that CNY is such a waste of time. Big groups of family friends gather together doing “aimless” activities like gambling, chatting (or gossiping), cooking and washing. CNY is no longer treasured by our younger generations. Why? I can think of a few reasons for this phenomenon.

  1. Nuclear family structure becoming a norm – How do we define a family now? The first thing comes into our mind is “husband, wife and children”, right? This is our society’s “normal” family structure. We do not encourage living with our parents because they tend to interfere our family affairs. There are many good points to live as a nuclear family – the couple can learn to cope with life independently and therefore develop maturity in their characters. The downside of this is that these children grow up without interacting with grandparents very much. Grandpa and gandma are guests who come to visit them once in a blue moon – and their visits often create arguments between their parents. The antidote is to increase the opportunities for the children to interact with extended family members like going outings, travelling, shopping or having meals together. Do not make CNY is the only time the children meeting their uncles, aunties, cousins and nephews.
  2. Parents’ hypocrisy – When we are not with the extended family, our children hear complaints and gossips about grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins and nephews. The words are filled with anger, jealousy and sarcasm. During CNY, they see parents’ facial expressions change and sweetest words come out “naturally”  from the lips – they are seeing the hypocrisy and they hate it. What the parents ignore or despise, the children reject. The antidote is to be REAL. We live a life which always give honest credit and praise to our extended family members, stop all the striving and jealousy among siblings but be thankful for each one of them.
  3. The influence of Western individualistic culture – The Western education and culture is mostly based on a self-centred operational mode. When parents are not placing importance to the value of community (which is one of the core value of Chinese or oriental culture), mutual love and generosity of blessing others, we should not be surprised by our children’s inclination of living a life looking at their own interest only. They will abhor any inconvenience arising from interacting with extended family which does not bring “benefits” to them. The small amount of money inside the red packets does not worth their effort to endure the inconveniences. The antidote is to teach community and oriental value by living examples. We practice generosity by giving to family and friends’ needs, encourage to live inconveniently for the sake of others, constantly remind our children of the positive value and root of the oriental culture and not idolising the Western culture and value (though they do have many good parts for us to learn from)

Of course there are many more reasons and ways of helping our children to appreciate CNY and the cultural value therein. You are welcome to give your suggestions via the comment in this post.

Our CNY tradition - Dim Sum brunch

Our CNY tradition – Dim Sum brunch

Above all, LOVE is the main reason for us to celebrate CNY. We want to share our love with our extended family members. We want to full heartedly wish them goodwill and blessings.

A Christian friend share this CNY song with me via his FB. It was composed by his church friends. I love it – CNY is a time we recount God’s grace and blessings and be thankful in our hearts. CNY is also a time we want to share with our extended family members, relatives and friends the love of Jesus as we experience it daily.

I hope you enjoy this new CNY song – 蒙福

There’s a new world somewhere

I was so thrilled to get this link from Brother Kim Voon this morning.

If you are in my age group (i.e. 50’s and 60’s), you remember those times when we sang this song in Christian Fellowship. The song spells out and declare with confidence that our hope is in Christ because we have this relationship with Him. Praise God!

I really hope you enjoy this song. For the “not so old”, please listen to it and you will be surprised by the kind of songs your parents or grandparents loved.

Love with actions 有行动的爱

This mother who had no experience of taking a flight, could not speak English or any other foreign language……..and yet she could overcome all obstacles – just to bring some Chinese herbs for her daughter who has just given birth to a baby.

What has motivated this mother to do this? LOVE!

Love has been degraded so much nowadays that we can say it easily……but true love takes courage and action.

The bible encourages us love not by mere words but by action.

Thank God that He is a loving God with action – He sacrificed His only Son for love for men.

I hope you enjoy this Chinese video……. and remember to take courage and love in action.

When I cannot see 看不见的时候



走在高山,有欢欣跳跃的时候;走在低谷,有沮丧疑惑的时候 – 不管你是信徒或不是,这些都是无可避免的真实。




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Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition in Taiwan 死海古卷展览







一 10/30(四)~11/1(六)每天11:00~18:00
二 11/7(五)至11/29(六)期間,每週五、週六、週一11:00~18:00

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A word from Spurgeon

If you cannot trust God for the temporal, how dare you trust him for the eternal? – Spurgeon

How true! This is our common blind spot. We believe and trust Jesus for eternal life and salvation…….but we cannot even trust him for today’s problem. Our problems and issues become so much bigger than Jesus when it comes to bolts and nuts of living. Pray that we are strengthened by the Holy Spirit to truly believe and trust Him.

Manchester – My second Home

I don’t know why this article came to me via Facebook. It triggers a lot of good memories and makes me “home-sick”.

Manchester is my second home! I can always say this with confidence and no shame. It is the place where I knew the Lord Jesus, my spiritual birth city. Thanks for the many brothers and sisters at Manchester Chinese Christian Church who shared the gospel and their lives with me. Although it was more than 33 years ago, Manchester still has a very special place in my heart.

My two children studies in Manchester University, so my wife (I knew and married in Manchester too) and I visited the city more regularly these years. Whenever we were back there, we will not miss visiting our dear Christian friends, Elder Eric and Sau Ngor, Pastor Kim Lau and Josephia and Michael Poon and Swee Leng. Thank God for the long lasting friendship. Of course, we will visit our “home church” at Yarburgh Street, Whalley Range.

Visit my second home - Manchester Chinese Christian Church at Yarburgh Street, Whalley Range

Visit my second home – Manchester Chinese Christian Church at Yarburgh Street, Whalley Range

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Being rich is not how much you have but how much you give

Giving is a virtue and it’s working out of our faith

I received this short film via a Facebook friend.

The story is very simple but the meaning is great, especially for those of us who strive so hard to be successful and rich.

What is success? To different people, it means different things.

Some measure success by the amount of money you have (I mean that kept in your possession), some by the number of properties you own, some by the string of status you put on your name card, some by the profession you are in, some by the number of friends you have (everyone is talking about EQ and networking now)……..the list if endless. However, we notice that these measures are all based on money, material possession and fame.

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A Real Touching Story of a Chinese teacher

Let us not love by words only but by actions

I received this video shared by Sister Adeline this morning. I find it a great encouragement for us to continue loving in actions and not only by words.

The video is about a 30 year old man spending his time as a teacher in a poverty stricken village in Yunan Province of China. He can play guitar and compose songs. He joined a Talent Search programme with a simple desire to earn more money which could afford him to buy meat for his students. He did not mention a word of loving these children but his action spells “sacrificial love” for them and it can be understood by all.

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Life is like coffee

What do you value the most in life?

I received this inspirational video from Pastor Inky – and I like it!

It spells of wisdom from the professor and it highlights the main issues facing us today:

We chase after the unimportant things and forget about what is the most valuable.

What is valuable can be very different to different people. To me a simple test is this:

What money can buy cannot be most valuable;

I am looking for things which matter most in life – relationships.

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恭祝大家农历新年蒙恩 Wishing all a blessed CNY

农历新年终于到了 Finally….Chinese New Year is here


Time flies…..we are going to celebrate Chinese New Year Eve tomorrow. Usually it is a time when the whole family (including all extended family members) having a reunion dinner together. With the increasing individualistic value and extended family disappearing rapidly, the younger generations may not see the significance of this event.


Do you know? For most of elderly family members, this is a day they have been looking forward for the entire year. This is especially true when most of their children and grand children are staying away from them for the rest of the year.

他们殷切盼望见到你们 They are looking forward to seeing you…………….

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Celebrating Chinese New Year with Songs and Red Decorations

RedNext Thursday is the Chinese New Year Eve. I decided to change the background of my Blog to reflect the festive season and its joyous mood.

It reminds us the year is coming to an end soon and a completely new year awaiting us. I pray that there is peace in every heart, peace in every nation and peace in the world.

And for every Christian, may Philippians 4:7 be with us always; “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Red is the favorite colour in Chinese New Year. Wherever you go, shopping centres, markets, shops, schools, recreation places and streets, you cannot miss the “redness” of these places. I wrote a Chinese article last year about this special colour in this festive season. Let me share with you.


前几天,我买了些新年装饰品,墙上贴上红春联,客厅挂一串闪闪发亮的红爆竹,角落摆设红扇,置放一束红桃花,一篮子的柑和礼篮,再从书房拿出杭州买的”枫桥夜泊”的字画挂在饭厅………….真的满室春意盎然.爸爸一踏进家门,马上露出笑脸:”哈 哈,这样红彤彤的才有新年的气氛!” 他拖着小侄儿的手,站在春联面前,操着浓浓的客家音念着:”甜甜蜜蜜庆团圆,欢欢喜喜迎新年.”


近几十年来,”传统”这个词儿让人标签成”落伍”,”老土”和”退步”等负面的意义.记得很多年前,市场风行全黑的“乌鸦”装,爱“酷”的青少年,大年初一也百无禁忌,穿了一身黑向祖父母拜年.长辈一看,脸一沉,背过身去,吐口唾液:”大吉利是!”在当年的确掀起一场热闹的”代沟战”.老的说,年青人不尊敬长辈,年初一穿黑色,象穿孝服出街,别人不知情,还以为家里死了人呢!小的也不甘示弱,他们说,老一辈食古不化,颜色本身是中立的,他们只是随己好穿戴,没半点不敬之意.当年我是个年青人,纵使我不苟老人家的迷信,我选择体恤他们的心情.他们多数没受过高深的教育,他们用咸咸的汗水和坚挺的背脊把一家人养活.他们最怕的是天灾人祸,命运强霸捣碎一家的幸福,所以他们要平安吉利,要风调雨顺,任何触霉头的东西都避而远之. 其实,我还很庆幸,年轻人只是把黑色穿戴身上,而不是让它们变成”乌云满地”.试想想,门前挂黑布条,春联黑纸写,收到的红包是”黑包”………这是怎样的一种新年啊?



圣经里的箴言如此说:”一句话说得合宜,就如金苹果在银网子里。”金苹果在银网的画面本身就是一种美,绝对符合赏心悦目的标准.如果我们常年都慎言,诚心用话语祝福鼓励身边的人,我相信社会更美,我们的面容也会变得”赏心悦目”吧? 我希望天天是新年,人人讲好话,一切的误会,不欢, 咒诅和怨恨,都要了结,定意要重建温馨和睦的关系.


Besides seeing red everywhere, you also hear Chinese new year songs being played everywhere. Most of the songs are traditional with fire crackers, drums and cymbals as the background. They are great to add to the festive atmosphere.

However, I like a more sentimental Chinese songs sung by Kelvin Lau 刘勇男 & Angie Leong 梁爱慈 recorded in 1997. Click the video below and start enjoying it.

Merry Christmas! What does this mean?

Did you say, “Merry Christmas”?

I know, Christmas is coming soon. It’s just less than a month away. Are you starting your busy schedule yet?

I can imagine you are busy shopping and buying all sort of things to decorate your beautiful home. Yes, glittering ornaments hanging on a Christmas trees at the corner of your living hall is a class of its own. You feel good that you have a share of this holiday season.

Of course you will not let the church goes bare during Christmas season, right? You will volunteer yourself to put up the most traditional nativity scene at the church’s entrance. A small wooden bed surrounded by hays and sticks; may be a small little doll sleeping on the bed. How about putting up a few cattle around it, it adds to the Christmas atmosphere.

One more thing, your children must join the church’s carol team. When they stand up there wearing their best outfits, singing with cheers and confidence, your face will beam with happiness and pride. “Haven’t I brought up my children well? Look at them. They are the shining stars among the other children.” Parents are usually not objective when they come to looking at their own children. 🙂

Are these Christmas all about?

I came across the following video which I thought captured the heart cry of those who truly know the meaning of Christmas. Go ahead and listen to it and tell me what you think about it.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

My Teenage Idols – Chen Chen 甄珍 & Alan Tang 邓光荣

Chinese Movies

I love to go cinemas during my secondary school’s time.

It was fashionable for youths to go for English movies – it did not matter whether you were from English or Chinese schools. British colonial value sank deep in my younger days – it meant anything English is good, anything Chinese was old fashion.

However I loved Chinese movies – whether they were Hong Kong or Taiwanese productions. I know, they can never match the big production of Hollywood, but I found a bit of my Chinese culture and roots from them.

Chen Chen and Alan Tang

Among all the actors and actresses, I loved the romantic movies played by Chen Chen and Alan Tang. You probably wonder who they are. I don’t blame you for not knowing them. Alan Tang passed away on 29th March, 2011. Chen Chen is now an old lady in her 60’s.









The Elderly Chen Chen and Alan Tang

Time flies. No matter how handsome and beautiful you may be, you will look very “different” when you get old. Just look at how they look like in these few years, you probably would not think that they were famous movie stars in the 70’s.





My Reflections

It really makes us wonder what actually lasts in a person’s life, right? Your youth and beauty will fade, your knowledge and skills will become obsolete, your big houses, trendy cars and many luxuries you enjoy will one day be left behind.

As a Christian, I believe our souls are eternal. They will be with us even when we pass into eternity after our physical death. However, just how much time do we spend in preparing our souls for eternity?

The bible asks a very pertinent question, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” (Mark 8:36)

A smart investor knows where to put their money to maximize returns. A wise man or woman knows where to spend their time to gain eternal fellowship with the Creator.

A famous Christian missionary Jim Elliot once said, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” So, what are we giving? What are we loosing? What are we gaining?