My Teenage Idols – Chen Chen 甄珍 & Alan Tang 邓光荣

Chinese Movies

I love to go cinemas during my secondary school’s time.

It was fashionable for youths to go for English movies – it did not matter whether you were from English or Chinese schools. British colonial value sank deep in my younger days – it meant anything English is good, anything Chinese was old fashion.

However I loved Chinese movies – whether they were Hong Kong or Taiwanese productions. I know, they can never match the big production of Hollywood, but I found a bit of my Chinese culture and roots from them.

Chen Chen and Alan Tang

Among all the actors and actresses, I loved the romantic movies played by Chen Chen and Alan Tang. You probably wonder who they are. I don’t blame you for not knowing them. Alan Tang passed away on 29th March, 2011. Chen Chen is now an old lady in her 60’s.









The Elderly Chen Chen and Alan Tang

Time flies. No matter how handsome and beautiful you may be, you will look very “different” when you get old. Just look at how they look like in these few years, you probably would not think that they were famous movie stars in the 70’s.





My Reflections

It really makes us wonder what actually lasts in a person’s life, right? Your youth and beauty will fade, your knowledge and skills will become obsolete, your big houses, trendy cars and many luxuries you enjoy will one day be left behind.

As a Christian, I believe our souls are eternal. They will be with us even when we pass into eternity after our physical death. However, just how much time do we spend in preparing our souls for eternity?

The bible asks a very pertinent question, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” (Mark 8:36)

A smart investor knows where to put their money to maximize returns. A wise man or woman knows where to spend their time to gain eternal fellowship with the Creator.

A famous Christian missionary Jim Elliot once said, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” So, what are we giving? What are we loosing? What are we gaining?

Do we know what our parents want?

Honor your Parents

“Honor your father and mother”- which is the first commandment with a promise. Ephesians 6:2

This is a great video (it’s in Chinese Cantonese dialect though) to remind us to show love and concern to our parents while we still have them with us.

A story was told of an elderly father continued to call his daughter’s mobile, wanting to listen to her voice to leave a message after the “peep”………although he knows so well that his daughter died in a car accident 3 years ago. The mobile company allowed this unusual service to continue because they care.

Click here to view the video

Young people have lots of treasures; endless laughter with friends to enjoy , glittering lights in shopping malls to behold, challenging career ladder to climb, satisfying hobbies to pursue……..

How about your elderly papa and mama? When the children are not around Continue reading

Interviewed by a Chinese Press Reporter

Dear Malaysian Government……………

Malaysian Flag

This may be a dry topic to post about but I see it important to do so because we love Malaysia and the issue affects everyone in this land.

A lady walked to me with a small paper notebook in her hands, politely asked, “Dear sir, I wonder whether I could have a few minutes of your time?”

Half way eating my noodles, I looked at her, thinking that she was just another sales girl trying to promote something to me, I said in a reluctant voice, “What is it all about?”

She cleared her throat and said, “I am a reporter from XXX Press. I would like to interview you to solicit some opinions about the recent hike in petrol prices in Malaysia.” I looked at my noodles and pondered, “If I agree to her interview, this bowl of noodles will become cold and it will taste bad. However, if I don’t agree, I find myself loosing an opportunity to reflect an ordinary citizen’s voice about the Government’s decision.” So, I made up my mind for Continue reading

Make Time For Self Improvement

LearningWeekend Reflection:

Do not stop Learning and Improving

The saddest thing in life is that we find ourselves not learning and growing anymore. A Chinese proverb says, “Learning is like rowing a boat against the tide; if you are not advancing, you are actually retreating.” How true!

Self-improvement is a continuous journey for me.

As I discover new qualities about myself, I desire to be the best that I can. Self-improvement is about doing everything I can to become a better person.

Becoming a better person happens only when I consciously work at it. I learn from my experiences and from the wisdom of others with similar experiences. By reflecting on the past, I can positively affect my future.

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