Love with actions 有行动的爱

This mother who had no experience of taking a flight, could not speak English or any other foreign language……..and yet she could overcome all obstacles – just to bring some Chinese herbs for her daughter who has just given birth to a baby.

What has motivated this mother to do this? LOVE!

Love has been degraded so much nowadays that we can say it easily……but true love takes courage and action.

The bible encourages us love not by mere words but by action.

Thank God that He is a loving God with action – He sacrificed His only Son for love for men.

I hope you enjoy this Chinese video……. and remember to take courage and love in action.

“The 5 Languages of Love” by Dr. Gary Chapman

Book Review on “The 5 languages of love” by Dr. Gary Chapman

HideIn June 2011, Julia and I were in Harbin China giving some basic teaching on marriage relationships and communication skills, albeit it was mainly within Christian and church context. We were quite surprised to know that the marital problems in China are no less severe as compared to the West. Many unhappy marriages are not reported and highlighted in the country. Culturally, marriage problems are viewed as shameful and dishonoring to the family’s name. They don’t talk about it, much less would it become part of country’s statistics.
Not long after we came back home, we felt that we needed to upgrade our family knowledge and marriage counseling skills, so we attended a marriage seminar organized by “Focus in the Family”. It was in that seminar that Julia bought “The 5 Love Languages” written by Dr. Gary Chapman. It costs us Thirty Seven Ringgit and Ninety Sen (Malaysian currency). Continue reading