Best Cha Siew in town

I came across this blog. It is informative and will satisfy all cha siew (Cantonese BBQ pork) lovers in Klang valley.

The post was blogged by Open Rice and its website is

You will find different cuisines from diverse cultures.It’s handy when you want to find something to eat and yet run out of ideas.


*The restaurants/stalls mentioned here are not halal

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Char Siew or Cantonese Style BBQ Pork is so delicious that it, in my personal opinion, represents the peak of Cantonese Cuisine. The best Char Siew is normally prepared using pork loin with a good ratio of fat and lean meat. The pork loin is cut in strips, marinated with sauce, and roasted with an oven until the meat is juicy and slightly burnt at the edges. Some restaurants, such as Meng Kee and Soo Kee, are still using charcoal fire to roast the meat, producing Char Siew that is even more fragrant and finger-licking good!

Here is a useful guide to the 10 best Char Siew in the Klang Valley (click the restaurant name for info and OpenRice members’ reviews):

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Travel Tips: How to choose a backpack?

Backpacking – the way to go when you are young…….

“I am probably too old to do backpacking travel.” This is a subjective statement, I know. Many travel enthusiasts will disagree with me, they can do backpacking though they are in their 60’s or even 70’s.

Well, I did backpacking in Western Europe when I was 20 with my then student flatmate Clarence Yeung. It was an experience that I would not want to exchange with any other forms of traveling. The thrill of finding all necessary information such as accommodation, eating places, supermarkets (for packed lunch), tourist attractions, train time table…..etc is really training us to make decisions quick in an unfamiliar land. We used to spend a few hours sleep on the bench (or even floor) in train stations just to get a connected train to a destination. Of course, you can choose not to do that. Being a student from Asian country where foreign exchange made it expensive to spend in Europe, we just tried to minimize traveling time and accommodation costs.

Both Clarence and I used backpacks. It was just not practical to bring bulky and beautiful luggage (this is reserved for exotic travel with escorted tours). My backpack was an inexpensive one made of nylon and with no famous brand. However, it had all the ingredients of a good backpack.

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Good news for Japanese food lovers in Kuala Lumpur

12 Japanese Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that are insanely delicious

My daughter knows that her parents and brother are Japanese food lovers, so she shared the following blog post with us.

I also know that many of my friends love Japanese food too, so here it goes……check them out and see whether you can find good ones without the “exotic” price tag. 🙂 Continue reading

How does the Chinese celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival?

abundantToday is 19th September, 2013 Thursday. I am rushing to post this before the midnight clock strikes.

What is so special about this day? It may not mean much to most people but it is an important day for the Chinese and Vietnamese. Today is the 15th day of the eighth month in the Lunar calendar,  a day of a full moon, which we commonly call it the Mid-Autumn Festival. (中秋节). Originally the Festival was to celebrate plentiful harvests and family reunion. Most families, especially children, love to light up lanterns and walk in the streets or gardens.

Moon in Chinese literature and songs

The Chinese has many poems (诗词)and songs associate with the moon. We have a special kind of love for the moon. During our secondary school time, we are to memorize many nice poems written by the ancient scholars. One of the popular ones is LiBai (李白)’s “Quiet Night Thought” (静夜思) written in the Tang Dynasty:

床前明月光, 疑是地上霜,举头望明月,低头思故乡。

 Moonlight shines on my bed side, it looks like snow on the ground. Raising my head I see the moon, bowing my head I think of my homeland.

An attempt to put music into this poem can be viewed below:

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The Greatest Ambition of A Mother

chickenWhat is the greatest ambition of a mother?

When I was much younger, something always happened at the dinner table.

Which parts of chicken and fish are mother’s favorites?

When there is a whole chicken on the table, my mother would take the two drumsticks and put them into the plates of my brother and mine. She would then say this, “The two chicken wings are for your father.” (All of us are fully aware that, up to these days when he is over 80 years old, Dad still loves chicken wings. We have given up advising him not to eat these most unhealthy parts of a chicken.) And then mother smiled and said,  “I love eating the neck and the boney parts of the chicken.”

When there is a fish on the table, the unsaid rules in the family are that I will take the tail and the two fins, my brother and Dad will take the “meaty” parts. Mother always takes the fish head. She said, “Fish head is delicious. Anyway, nobody knows how to eat it in this family.”

When I grew a bit older, I thought for myself, “Does mother really like boney parts of the chicken and fish head? Did she eat them because Continue reading

The Bible encourages us to get drunk to combat with depression and poverty?

The Bible encourages us to get drunk to combat with depression and poverty?


A Joke

JokeBefore we look at this “serious” topic, I just would like to share with you a joke, you might have heard it before but anyway just enjoy it.

Lady Interviewer: Do you drink every day?

Man: Yes.

Lady Interviewer: 
How much a day?

Man: Around 3 six-packs starting at noon.

Lady Interviewer: How much does a 6-pack cost?

Man: Roughly $10.00 at a deli. Continue reading

Want versus Need – How to Save Money as a Family

buy or not buyTo buy or not to buy? That’s the question.

First of all, let’s not get confused with definitions. I am writing this to laymen and not economists. The latter has very different definitions on “need” and “want”. Here I define a “need” as a product or service that we require to live. A “want”, on the other hand, is something you desire to have but is not really essential to your life. Of course, our experiences tell us that it is not easy to differentiate between the two. When our income or earning power grows, some of the “wants” become “needs”.

When I was a student in overseas, I weighed my potential purchases very carefully and divided them into “needs” and “wants” before making the decision to buy orstudent not to buy. The relatively weak Malaysian ringgit really did not give me much choice but to be thrifty in all things.

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Can High Cholesterol Food Good For You?

cholesterolOh! What shall I do? I have high cholesterol!

If you were like me few years back, “cholesterol” was a word that brought chills down the spine. Yes, I hated cholesterol, I heard so much negative information about it that I wanted to keep it away from me at all costs.

Just about 10 years ago when I start turned 40’s, I went for a blood test. My family doctor introduced the buzz about good and bad cholesterol, and the negative effect that bad cholesterol can have on heart health. With some high cholesterol foods now being considered good while others are bad, trying to determine which high cholesterol foods are actually beneficial for my heart’s health can be confusing!

Therefore, I decided to do a little research about”cholesterol”. It was not difficult to find information. I just googled “good cholesterol” and “bad cholesterol”…….wow, tons of information just appeared. It took me a bit of time to read through and digested the information so that it became useful to me. I just would like to share this with you, hopefully it is not too technical to understand. I can assure you it is not rocket science, all of us can understand and benefit from it.

Difference Between Good and Bad CholesterolGood & bad cholesterol

Scientifically, let’s look at the difference Continue reading

How to prevent heart diseases and stroke?

How to prevent more than 100,000 deaths an­nually

I related to my daughter the other day that I occasionally have chest pain. She asked me how I felt when I had the pain. I recalled it was something like someone twisting my heart and it was sharp pain. It lasted only about fifteen seconds or the most half a minute, then the pain was gone.

My daughter looked straight into my eyes, saying in a firm and “cold” voice, “Papa, you need to go and have a cardiologist to check on your heart condition. I cannot be sure but it doesn’t sound good.”­­

saltI am a Chinese belonging to the Hakka dialect group. My dialect group is famous in taking salty food. I understand from my father, who is now 88 years old, that this habit is deeply rooted because our ancestors used to be very poor and had no money to buy food. Therefore they added much salt to the tasteless food to make it more delicious. This habit passed down generations. If you patronize a traditional Hakka restaurant today, you would inevitably notice that the food is salty.

Salt brings out the flavor in foods. A dish without salt can taste very bare and it may not satisfy your palette. However, too much salt intake can also put you in an undesirable health hazard. Studies have shown that most Americans may be endangering our health by eating an excessive amount of salt. This eating habit is spreading fast in the other continents across the globe.

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How to Stay Fit Without Exercise Equipment

Health is Wealth? Yes, almost. Health is wealth

Everyone wants to enjoy good health and stay fit all the time. We know that our health is of utmost importance in our life. Without it, life can be miserable and depressing.  As what people commonly said, “No amount of money can buy health”. Daily exercise can surely reduce the risk of illnesses while significantly increase your energy level.

No Excuse For Not ExercisingExercise Equipment

“But I am so busy. I have no time to really go for good workout on a regular basis.” Yes. I hear you. It is a common challenge for people today living in fast track to really fit a workout into the busy schedule. I can imagine how exhausted and tired you are after a full day of hard work. The last thing comes into your mind is to head towards a gym room and workout. Probably you would rather rush home and sink yourself into the comfortable bed and call it a day. Continue reading