I enjoy sharing my joy with others.

Jump for joyJoy unspeakable

Joy is independent of circumstances and environment. It springs from the inner most being a deep sense of security and fulfillment. The very source of my joy comes from knowing the Creator God, enjoying His abiding presence and trusting in His grace and faithfulness. My circumstances may not be enviable, I have my share of difficulties and sorrowful moments. However, the very presence of God helps me to focus on His greatness and provides me the sufficient grace and strength. What I am going through seems small compares to the glorious moments with Him.

I have so much joy in my life that I want to ensure others have joy as well. I like to share my happiness with the people around me. So much in life is wonderful, and I appreciate all the little things that make me happy, bring on laughter, or give me peace and tranquility.

Joy is contagious.

I smile at people when I see them, so they know I appreciate them. I thank others for doing kind things for me. I help people when I see that they are down, so they can find more joy in their lives.

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