There’s a new world somewhere

I was so thrilled to get this link from Brother Kim Voon this morning.

If you are in my age group (i.e. 50’s and 60’s), you remember those times when we sang this song in Christian Fellowship. The song spells out and declare with confidence that our hope is in Christ because we have this relationship with Him. Praise God!

I really hope you enjoy this song. For the “not so old”, please listen to it and you will be surprised by the kind of songs your parents or grandparents loved.

The Best Is Yet To Come

EmailEmail Messages with Stories

I love receiving emails which contain stories.

I particularly like my friend Simon Yap’s emails. He has been sending me different stories, jokes and sometimes riddles – and without fail these emails would either send me into laughter or set me thinking about life. Instead of enjoying them myself, I choose to share some of them with you.

Thank you, Simon, for your friendship. Let the email’s stories coming.

This story has an encouraging message which keeps us walking courageously as a Christian in this world. I hope all of you will enjoy it.

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