Photography as a hobby – anyone?

I have been trying to learn photography, not so much I want to take professional-looking photos to impress others, it’s more that I want to take reasonably good pictures family activities, church events and my holidays. However, I always find it hard to pick up my camera. Time is such a scarce resource that I hardly find enough of it to rest, not to mention the luxury of taking a few hours strolling around with camera.

Someone told me when you have a will there is a way. I admit I don’t have enough passion for photography to sacrifice my other activities. However, there are specific times when we go for holidays. I would surely not miss the opportunity to experiment and try taking reasonable shots. If you are like me, hard to find time in your normal busy schedule to play with your camera set, don’t have enough passion to sacrifice others for this hobby – don’t loose heart, just learn the skills naturally when you are away from your normal routines – holidays and traveling. I am yet to form the habit to bring my camera along in my normal days.

I find the blog post below good for inspiration and motivation that we should not give up the hobby. You can find the original post here:

One day we will be surprised that we can actually take good pictures that even amaze us.

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Weekend Refelection: Personal Time is Important

Bible and PrayMy personal time with God is a priority.

No matter how hectic my life becomes, I ensure that I have quality time for myself with God each day. I will read the bible and spend time to pray. It is my daily source of grace and strength to give my very best in life.

I have a career to maintain, children to take care of, a spouse to keep happy, and a church ministry to engage in. Yet I choose to make my personal time with God a priority, so that I have energy to give my best.

I take some time to spend with my God in reading the bible and praying. These are important moments for me to draw grace and strength from Him. At the samehobbies time, I also spend a few hours each week away from the hustle and bustle of my world. I take that time to pamper myself and wind down. I engage in activities such as badminton and reading that bring me peace.

These activities are key components in maintaining my sanity. In addition, Continue reading