Best Cha Siew in town

I came across this blog. It is informative and will satisfy all cha siew (Cantonese BBQ pork) lovers in Klang valley.

The post was blogged by Open Rice and its website is

You will find different cuisines from diverse cultures.It’s handy when you want to find something to eat and yet run out of ideas.


*The restaurants/stalls mentioned here are not halal

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Char Siew or Cantonese Style BBQ Pork is so delicious that it, in my personal opinion, represents the peak of Cantonese Cuisine. The best Char Siew is normally prepared using pork loin with a good ratio of fat and lean meat. The pork loin is cut in strips, marinated with sauce, and roasted with an oven until the meat is juicy and slightly burnt at the edges. Some restaurants, such as Meng Kee and Soo Kee, are still using charcoal fire to roast the meat, producing Char Siew that is even more fragrant and finger-licking good!

Here is a useful guide to the 10 best Char Siew in the Klang Valley (click the restaurant name for info and OpenRice members’ reviews):

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