Manchester becoming the best city in the UK!

Yay! My “Second Home” Made It To The Top!

My daughter, Wynne, shared this article with me. I didn’t know that my “second home” (See here for previous blog) is becoming the best city in the UK.

Am I glad? Yes and no.

Yes – it becomes famous, not only because of the two football clubs, namely Manchester United and Manchester City, but it has other well balanced attractions in history, arts, modern entertainment and cultures.

No – with the Malaysian ringgit earning capacity, it may be becoming too expensive for me to visit this city.

Anyway, congratulations Manchester, I am proud of your progress and development since I left you in 1987.

You may view this article’s original blog entry here.

8 reasons Manchester is the best city in the UK

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Manchester – My second Home

I don’t know why this article came to me via Facebook. It triggers a lot of good memories and makes me “home-sick”.

Manchester is my second home! I can always say this with confidence and no shame. It is the place where I knew the Lord Jesus, my spiritual birth city. Thanks for the many brothers and sisters at Manchester Chinese Christian Church who shared the gospel and their lives with me. Although it was more than 33 years ago, Manchester still has a very special place in my heart.

My two children studies in Manchester University, so my wife (I knew and married in Manchester too) and I visited the city more regularly these years. Whenever we were back there, we will not miss visiting our dear Christian friends, Elder Eric and Sau Ngor, Pastor Kim Lau and Josephia and Michael Poon and Swee Leng. Thank God for the long lasting friendship. Of course, we will visit our “home church” at Yarburgh Street, Whalley Range.

Visit my second home - Manchester Chinese Christian Church at Yarburgh Street, Whalley Range

Visit my second home – Manchester Chinese Christian Church at Yarburgh Street, Whalley Range

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