Tips for Photographing Popular Tourist Destinations

I know you frustration…….

When you visit a popular tourist destination, you will probably find that the place has been photographed thousand times by different people and you could hardly find something “new” to tell. I came across this article by Digital Photography School ( which can shed some lights on your next visit to places like London bridge, Venice, Pisa tower, Pulau Langkawi, Singapore’s Orchard Road……….

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Tips for Photographing Popular Tourist Destinations

As photographers, we often note that one way to make interesting images that are different from the norm is to get our camera to out-of-the-way places that haven’t been flooded with photographers. But what about those times when you’re heading somewhere that has been photographed millions of times already? Is it possible to create interesting photos of tourist destinations? Can you create something intriguing if you’re headed to the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, Great Wall of China or Mount Rushmore?

I say yes. Let’s consider how you can make an interesting photo, or series of photos, at a famous location. Let’s look at an example from Alcatraz Island, the former prison that’s now a tourist destination in the San Francisco Bay.

Ahockley alcatraz 1

#1 First, cover the usual

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