Being rich is not how much you have but how much you give

Giving is a virtue and it’s working out of our faith

I received this short film via a Facebook friend.

The story is very simple but the meaning is great, especially for those of us who strive so hard to be successful and rich.

What is success? To different people, it means different things.

Some measure success by the amount of money you have (I mean that kept in your possession), some by the number of properties you own, some by the string of status you put on your name card, some by the profession you are in, some by the number of friends you have (everyone is talking about EQ and networking now)……..the list if endless. However, we notice that these measures are all based on money, material possession and fame.

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A Real Touching Story of a Chinese teacher

Let us not love by words only but by actions

I received this video shared by Sister Adeline this morning. I find it a great encouragement for us to continue loving in actions and not only by words.

The video is about a 30 year old man spending his time as a teacher in a poverty stricken village in Yunan Province of China. He can play guitar and compose songs. He joined a Talent Search programme with a simple desire to earn more money which could afford him to buy meat for his students. He did not mention a word of loving these children but his action spells “sacrificial love” for them and it can be understood by all.

There are so many passages in the bible telling us that our belief is like noisy gong if it does not touch others’ lives and make a difference. Continue reading

Life is like coffee

What do you value the most in life?

I received this inspirational video from Pastor Inky – and I like it!

It spells of wisdom from the professor and it highlights the main issues facing us today:

We chase after the unimportant things and forget about what is the most valuable.

What is valuable can be very different to different people. To me a simple test is this:

What money can buy cannot be most valuable;

I am looking for things which matter most in life – relationships.

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恭祝大家农历新年蒙恩 Wishing all a blessed CNY

农历新年终于到了 Finally….Chinese New Year is here


Time flies…..we are going to celebrate Chinese New Year Eve tomorrow. Usually it is a time when the whole family (including all extended family members) having a reunion dinner together. With the increasing individualistic value and extended family disappearing rapidly, the younger generations may not see the significance of this event.


Do you know? For most of elderly family members, this is a day they have been looking forward for the entire year. This is especially true when most of their children and grand children are staying away from them for the rest of the year.

他们殷切盼望见到你们 They are looking forward to seeing you…………….

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The Best Is Yet To Come

EmailEmail Messages with Stories

I love receiving emails which contain stories.

I particularly like my friend Simon Yap’s emails. He has been sending me different stories, jokes and sometimes riddles – and without fail these emails would either send me into laughter or set me thinking about life. Instead of enjoying them myself, I choose to share some of them with you.

Thank you, Simon, for your friendship. Let the email’s stories coming.

This story has an encouraging message which keeps us walking courageously as a Christian in this world. I hope all of you will enjoy it.

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How does the Chinese celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival?

abundantToday is 19th September, 2013 Thursday. I am rushing to post this before the midnight clock strikes.

What is so special about this day? It may not mean much to most people but it is an important day for the Chinese and Vietnamese. Today is the 15th day of the eighth month in the Lunar calendar,  a day of a full moon, which we commonly call it the Mid-Autumn Festival. (中秋节). Originally the Festival was to celebrate plentiful harvests and family reunion. Most families, especially children, love to light up lanterns and walk in the streets or gardens.

Moon in Chinese literature and songs

The Chinese has many poems (诗词)and songs associate with the moon. We have a special kind of love for the moon. During our secondary school time, we are to memorize many nice poems written by the ancient scholars. One of the popular ones is LiBai (李白)’s “Quiet Night Thought” (静夜思) written in the Tang Dynasty:

床前明月光, 疑是地上霜,举头望明月,低头思故乡。

 Moonlight shines on my bed side, it looks like snow on the ground. Raising my head I see the moon, bowing my head I think of my homeland.

An attempt to put music into this poem can be viewed below:

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The Greatest Ambition of A Mother

chickenWhat is the greatest ambition of a mother?

When I was much younger, something always happened at the dinner table.

Which parts of chicken and fish are mother’s favorites?

When there is a whole chicken on the table, my mother would take the two drumsticks and put them into the plates of my brother and mine. She would then say this, “The two chicken wings are for your father.” (All of us are fully aware that, up to these days when he is over 80 years old, Dad still loves chicken wings. We have given up advising him not to eat these most unhealthy parts of a chicken.) And then mother smiled and said,  “I love eating the neck and the boney parts of the chicken.”

When there is a fish on the table, the unsaid rules in the family are that I will take the tail and the two fins, my brother and Dad will take the “meaty” parts. Mother always takes the fish head. She said, “Fish head is delicious. Anyway, nobody knows how to eat it in this family.”

When I grew a bit older, I thought for myself, “Does mother really like boney parts of the chicken and fish head? Did she eat them because Continue reading

Do we know what our parents want?

Honor your Parents

“Honor your father and mother”- which is the first commandment with a promise. Ephesians 6:2

This is a great video (it’s in Chinese Cantonese dialect though) to remind us to show love and concern to our parents while we still have them with us.

A story was told of an elderly father continued to call his daughter’s mobile, wanting to listen to her voice to leave a message after the “peep”………although he knows so well that his daughter died in a car accident 3 years ago. The mobile company allowed this unusual service to continue because they care.

Click here to view the video

Young people have lots of treasures; endless laughter with friends to enjoy , glittering lights in shopping malls to behold, challenging career ladder to climb, satisfying hobbies to pursue……..

How about your elderly papa and mama? When the children are not around Continue reading

At the old preacher’s deathbed


When I received this story from my friend via an email message, I laughed. If you don’t, may be you need to read your bible again. 🙂

It is an old Joke with a subtle message! I hope you enjoy reading it.

An old preacher was on his Deathbed. He sent a message for his banker and his lawyer, both church members, to come to his home.
When they arrived, they were ushered up to his bedroom. As they entered the room, the preacher held out his hands and motioned for them to sit on each side of the bed. The preacher grasped their hands, sighed contentedly, smiled, and stared at the ceiling. For a time, no one said anything.

Both the banker and lawyer were touched and flattered that the preacher would ask them Continue reading

No fear – Helping others to succeed

Weekend Refection: Great joy from helping others succeed.

Helping Hands

Each day, there are kind things that I can do for people. I see the value that others have in my life and make it a point to determine how I can help them. When people struggle, I want to do something to improve their lives. I am joyful when Continue reading

Weekend Refelection: Personal Time is Important

Bible and PrayMy personal time with God is a priority.

No matter how hectic my life becomes, I ensure that I have quality time for myself with God each day. I will read the bible and spend time to pray. It is my daily source of grace and strength to give my very best in life.

I have a career to maintain, children to take care of, a spouse to keep happy, and a church ministry to engage in. Yet I choose to make my personal time with God a priority, so that I have energy to give my best.

I take some time to spend with my God in reading the bible and praying. These are important moments for me to draw grace and strength from Him. At the samehobbies time, I also spend a few hours each week away from the hustle and bustle of my world. I take that time to pamper myself and wind down. I engage in activities such as badminton and reading that bring me peace.

These activities are key components in maintaining my sanity. In addition, Continue reading

Manage household finances – Put the credit cards down today

Credit CardCredit Card – Convenience or Temptation?

One of my friends told me that when he leaves the house, he intentionally leaves the credit cards at home. At the start of the week, he goes to the ATM and withdraws his weekly allowance. His allowance is the only cash he allows himself to spend throughout the entire week.

My friend keeps his credit cards in a place that he cannot access easily. Stashing the credit cards in his basement, attic, or the middle of his freezer typically curbs his spending cravings.

Similarly, my family’s budget is under control because I choose to keep it under control. I am responsible for my family’s financial well-being. For this reason, I amimpulse shopping strict with my purchases.

Before I commit to a purchase, I evaluate exactly what use I would get out of the item. If it is a necessity, I make the purchase.

If the purchase is unnecessary, I leave the store and give myself 24 hours to think it over. If by the next day or even the next week, I still want the item and have found a good use for it, I make the purchase. However, most of the time, I choose not to make a second trip to the store. Sometimes, this is real hard but I know for sure In this way, I curb my impulse purchases.

Due to my efforts, my family enjoys extra money for activities spent together. We can use that money as a family, by going to an event, taking a vacation, or having a nice meal with our children.

Hot Air Balloon Trip in Turkey 2008

I don’t put the credit cards down as my friend does. I know very well that I care about our financial security. I will not put my loved ones into financial distress and sufferings because of my spending habits. And so far, I am doing well in self-discipline.

Today, let us make conscious decisions about our purchases. We replace impulse purchases with peace of mind, family well-being and financial stability.

Self-Reflection Questions:
  1. How do I spend the majority of my spending cash?
  2. Have I ever fallen behind on my bills due to unnecessary shopping?
  3. Am I okay with buying less expensive brands in order to save money?

Are you Fearful speaking in Public?

Public SpeakingPublic Speaking can be learned

Today, I am going to change my topic slightly. Instead of focusing on family issues, I would like to deviate a little bit to share a skill which is important and we bound to face it one day – public speaking.

I am not an excellent public speaker although I speak regularly in church meetings. Over the years, well intended friends and family members have been giving me feedback and critics about my public speaking, I really appreciate their honest opinions.

I know, there are some people who are born with the talent of public speaking. As soon as you give them the stage, they have no problem delivering an interesting speech that intrigues many. I am not sure about you. I, like most people, don’t possess such gift naturally; I used to struggle a lot when I need to make a public speech. It varies from small jobs like making announcement in class, laying down rules of games to big and important tasks to make a convincing presentation in attracting investors or customers to sign on the dotted line. The fact remains, Continue reading

Build your child’s self-esteem – Video Version

Thank youThank you for your encouragement.

I am so happy to receive much encouragement from many who have read my blog yesterday on “Build your child’s self-esteem is your responsibility”. (Click here for the full article). With your support and cheers, I shall work harder to provide good tips in “building your family with love and confidence“. (Do you realize that this is our blog’s tag line? 🙂 )

I can see that many of us parents have the same problem of trying to build our children’s confidence which will benefit them for their whole life. The article contains only some practical pointers for us to work on. Do not expect immediate miracles. It’s worth our investment to continue nurturing our children’s future. They are our loved ones and will become the future generation of our family, nation and the whole world.

One of my friends who have read the article suggested that I should post a summary video of this article. Being new to blogging, I am not familiar with how this can be done. He taught me the easiest way to make Powerpoint slides, save them using Windows Live Movie Maker program and then convert it into Media Audio/ Video file. I managed to do just that. I also figure out how to add a piece of nice music to go along with the video.

Yes. Nothing is too difficult if you are humble enough to ask and learn. I know you are probably laughing, this video is really an amateur’s work. However, this is an important first step that I have taken. I am sure I will become better each time I try again. So……friends, the worst enemy we have is to stand still, procrastinate (read my other article on “6 ways of getting rid of procrastination” here) and not to take any action. Success will never come to you if you don’t even start trying.

Let us encourage one another to initiate and move on. 🙂

Here is my first VIDEO on “Build your child’s self-esteem”, hope you enjoy it.

Please give me some feedback and comments. I shall improve further with your encouragement. Thanks again.

I enjoy sharing my joy with others.

Jump for joyJoy unspeakable

Joy is independent of circumstances and environment. It springs from the inner most being a deep sense of security and fulfillment. The very source of my joy comes from knowing the Creator God, enjoying His abiding presence and trusting in His grace and faithfulness. My circumstances may not be enviable, I have my share of difficulties and sorrowful moments. However, the very presence of God helps me to focus on His greatness and provides me the sufficient grace and strength. What I am going through seems small compares to the glorious moments with Him.

I have so much joy in my life that I want to ensure others have joy as well. I like to share my happiness with the people around me. So much in life is wonderful, and I appreciate all the little things that make me happy, bring on laughter, or give me peace and tranquility.

Joy is contagious.

I smile at people when I see them, so they know I appreciate them. I thank others for doing kind things for me. I help people when I see that they are down, so they can find more joy in their lives.

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