Manchester becoming the best city in the UK!

Yay! My “Second Home” Made It To The Top!

My daughter, Wynne, shared this article with me. I didn’t know that my “second home” (See here for previous blog) is becoming the best city in the UK.

Am I glad? Yes and no.

Yes – it becomes famous, not only because of the two football clubs, namely Manchester United and Manchester City, but it has other well balanced attractions in history, arts, modern entertainment and cultures.

No – with the Malaysian ringgit earning capacity, it may be becoming too expensive for me to visit this city.

Anyway, congratulations Manchester, I am proud of your progress and development since I left you in 1987.

You may view this article’s original blog entry here.

8 reasons Manchester is the best city in the UK

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Romance in the London Eye

A Memorable Time at the “London Eye”


I don’t believe I found this photo accidentally by browsing through some of my “old junk”.

I love this photo. It was taken in 2009 by my daughter when we visited the U.K. on the “London Eye”. There were very few tourists on a winter afternoon when our family of four occupied a full passenger capsule. We could choose any corner of the capsule to take beautiful pictures. Do you notice the Houses of Parliament as the background? Well, the weather was not bright and sunny (who will expect good weather on a winter afternoon in London?). It was cold and drizzling outside. However, I thought it added some kind of “romantic atmosphere” to the picture. In fact some friends commented that we looked like actor and actress in a Korean drama 🙂 I don’t think so. Well, may be if we are not wearing glasses, we will be more “qualified”? Hahah……..What do you think?

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